Below is a collection of some of my works, both professional and personal. Should you have any questions about any individual piece, feel free to send me a message.

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I am Victor


I am a Game Developer currently located in Seattle. I have 11+ years of experience developing content for multimedia software ranging from telecommunication applications to video games. I am equipped with a versatile skillset and have a constant thirst for learning. I am always going beyond my comfort zone to pursue new skills, but as an avid learner, I'm never content with just skimming along the surface; I will always take the extra step to dig deeper and understand the subject.

If you think we can work together, do not hesitate to contact me.

My Skills

Art Skills

While my primary focus in terms of video game art has always been 3D, I am also very proficient with texture, user interface and particle effect creation.

3dsMax / Maya / Blender / Zbrush / Substance Designer / Substance Painter / Topogun / Photoshop / Illustrator / Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer / After Effects

Coding Skills

From building tools to maximize productivity and efficiency to implementing gameplay mechanics, I am quite comfortable adapting to the needs of the projects.

C# / C++ / Python / Javascript / MaxScript / MELScript / PHP / HTML5

Professional Experience

A brief summary of my work experience

Jan 2020
  • Neokoro
  • Founder & Developer
  • Projects In Development:
  • • Sumo Seals
  • Jan 2020 - Now

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • General gameplay, gameflow, user interface programming
  • Designing & Implementing gameplay concepts
  • Creating 3D assets using Blender
  • Creating and maintaining custom rigs for characters and props
  • Implementing online player data storage with MongoDB
  • • Writing custom shaders
Jul 2017
  • Next Level Games
  • Technical Artist
  • Projects Completed:
  • • Luigi's Mansion 3
  • July 2017 - June 2019

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • Writing custom pipeline tools
  • Cloth & Physics simulation work for props/characters
  • Setting up custom behaviour trees and actions for props
  • Creating custom prop rigs
  • Providing animation pipeline support
  • Setting up animation files for custom sequences
  • Gameplay flow scripting
Oct 2016
Apr 2016
  • Hot Glue Games
  • Technical Artist / Designer
  • April 2016 - Oct 2016

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • Co-defining art direction for projects
  • Creating concept art for characters, vehicles, environment and weapons.
  • Designing User Interface and User Interactions
  • Creating interactive dynamic props using UE4 Blueprints.
  • Modeling, Rigging and Skinning 3D characters.
  • Creating 3D assets optimized for PBR pipeline (Unreal Engine 4)
  • Texturing props and characters using Substance Painter
  • Creating procedural textures using Substance Designer.
Jul 2013
  • Gigataur Corporation
  • Lead 3D / Technical Artist
  • Projects Completed:
  • • Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions
  • • X-Men : Days of Future Past
  • July 2013 - July 2015

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • Creating engine optimized environment, prop and character assets in 2D and 3D.
  • Modeling, Rigging, Skinning and Texturing 3D characters.
  • Creating particle effects/special effects using proprietary tools.
  • Environment Lighting using proprietary tools.
  • Creating icons, UI elements, transitions and effects.
  • Creating 2D & 3D visual concepts.
  • Writing custom Maxscript and MEL scripts to suit each project's specific pipeline needs and speed up workflow.
  • Porting script functionalities over from 3dsMAX to Maya and vice versa.
  • Working closely with the art director, designers and programmers to create optimized and efficient pipelines to produce assets which meet specific gameplay needs while maintaining a high level of visual fidelity to the concepts.
  • Monitoring the integration of graphical assets in the engine with the programmers and defining new elements required to preserve artistic vision of the project.
  • Maintain consistency of team’s deliverables by providing regular feedback.
  • Creating & maintain corporate website.
May 2010
  • Design Interpretive
  • Technical Artist / Designer
  • Projects Completed:
  • • AvayaLive Engage
  • • Mitel MiVoice Video Phone
  • May 2010 - July 2013

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • Creating optimized 2D and 3D environment assets for use in the Unreal Engine: Modeled, UV mapped, Rigged, Skinned and Textured 3D models in Maya and 3ds Max.
  • Animating avatars and facial expressions using 3ds Max.
  • Lit 3D environments and baked lighting onto textures using Scanline and Mentalray
  • Designing icons and graphical interface assets using Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Designing user interface flow, transitions, motions
  • Creating and designing maps using a custom version of Unreal Editor.
  • Creating photorealistic product renderings using 3ds MAX, Mental-Ray and iRay.
  • Programming interface prototypes using Flash and AS3.
  • Programming web-based applications using Flash, AS3, PHP and MySQL.
  • Maintaining website by updating and adding new functionalities using HTML, CSS and PHP.
May 2010
  • FooBit
  • Co-Founder / Artist
  • Projects Completed:
  • • Frantic Picnic (BlackBerry)
  • • Colomotron (XBLA)
  • • Skyborne Tech Demo
  • May 2010 - June 2013

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • Creating engine optimized 2D & 3D assets.
  • Designing gameplay mechanics and concepts for games on a variety of platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade, iPhone, Blackberry Playbook and Android.
  • Designing user interface flow, interaction and motion.
  • Programming games and gameplay prototypes in Flash and Actionscript 3.
  • Creating and maintaining website using HTML, CSS.
Jan 2006
  • Victor Chui
  • Freelance Artist / Designer
  • Projects Completed:
  • • Pizza Titan Ultra
  • January 2006 - December 2018

  • ▼ Show/Hide responsibilities ▼

  • Creating realtime engines optimized assets (3D models, environments, special effects).
  • Creating illustrations, concept art using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and AfterEffects.
  • Designing and coding websites using HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript.
  • Designing user interface flows, interaction, motion and assets using Flash, After Effects and Illustrator
  • Providing photography and photo-editing services using Lightroom and Photoshop.

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